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Magic Travels

One of the finest DMC operating in the Middle-East, throughout the UAE, Oman and Jordan, as well as the Caucasus region – in Armenia and Georgia. Its know-how is now extending to European destinations like Portugal, France, and more to come!

Magic Travels is an independant and family-owned Destination Management Company established in 1985. It has become one of the finest DMC operating in the Middle East throughout the UAE, Jordan and Oman (Magic Arabia) – as well as the Caucasus and Europeans region – in France, Portugal, Armenia and Georgia (Magic Roads).

The company DNA is to be DIFFERENT and INNOVATIVE! The philosophy of the Magic group is to provide seamless travel arrangements and innovation and to create memorable and unique experiences.

Our Brands

Magic Arabia – Oman, UAE and Jordan

Magic Arabia has become the group’s dmc for the UAE, Oman and Jordan. founded in 1985, Magic Arabia provides bespoke and authentic travel to the cultural, historical and natural wonders of the middle east.
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Magic Roads – Armenia, Georgia, Portugal & France

Magic Roads is magic travels’ dmc for Armenia, Georgia and now for new destinations that joined our portfolio in 2021: Portugal and France. its concept was launched in January 2018 with the philosophy of enabling travellers to discover regions that celebrate the art of living.
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Magic Camps – Abu Dhabi, Oman and Dubai

Magic Camps combine a flavour of the Bedouin traditional way of life with the comfort of luxury accommodation and our commitment to sustainability. Our desert camps are equipped with exquisite and inviting interiors, including private bathrooms equipped with showers.
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Insider Tip

  • Excellence: We are results-oriented and committed to providing the highest quality services. Customer satisfaction is our objective: and that is why we are demanding in the quality of our work and services.
  • Trust: Loyalty and transparency are the watchwords of our relationships with our customers, partners and employees, with whom we maintain relations based on transparency, to ensure mutual and lasting trust.
  • Sustainability: We believe that travel must have a positive impact on our planet. Sustainability is at the heart of our vision: we are acting step by step so that it becomes a fundamental pillar of our operation.
  • Passion: It is above all the love of travel and our destinations that is the motivation of our companies. This is why we are always creative and willing to go further in our travel proposals. Our Magic Camps as well as our new green travel brand Beyond speak for themselves!

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