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Nourished by Tibetan culture, the Lodges and Linka hotels of Songtsam are all hidden inside the natural, mysterious and untouched place in Tibetan area.

Songtsam is a luxury boutique hotel group preserving a unique spiritual connotation. Songtsam Tours, as the sub-brand of Songtsam Group, designs the most bespoke and fascinating tour experiences which always exceed the guest’s expectation. Moreover, Songstam upgrades the wellness space with the concept of Tibetan meditation by combining both the physical and spiritual healing together.

After 21 years, Songtsam is still surrounded by the natural, mysterious and untouched ambiance of the Tibetan area. In other words, Songtsam aspires to provide its guests with a brand-new travel experience. Travelers who share the adventurous DNA, will discover a wonderland full of mystery when visiting the Tibetan Plateau with Songtsam.
At present, Songtsam has 13 properties made up of 3 collections, consisting of 9 Songtsam Lodges, 3 Songtsam Retreat and 1 Songtsam Glamping Site. The attentive local travel guide service as well as the professional vehicle service, enable Songtsam to offer guests “one circuit and one route”—— Songstam Shangri-la Circuit and Sonstam Yunnan-Tibet Route. By merging the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site——Three Parallel Rivers, the legendary national highway No.214 and No.318, the Ancient Tea Horse road and the “The Third Pole“——Qinghai-Tibet Plateau together, Songtsam provides its guests with an unprecedented, unique, and culturally immersive experience, in luxury and comfort. .

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Insider Tip

  • Songtsam pays special attention to environmental sustainability in tectonic designs and constructions. During the process of Songtsam hotels and lodges’ construction in Yunnan and Tibet province, cutting-edge technology has been applied to all aspects of design, construction and water recycling.
  • Songtsam boutique tours reflect the protection of the environment as well. By joining in our boutique tours, tourists are close to nature and live in harmony with it.