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Luxury in Umbria. Abounding in history

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Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & Spa

The resort, rebuilt in the rural style of old Umbria, reflects these millenary traditions, bridging past and present, ancient and modern, body and soul.

It is said that some places are more than just geographic expressions − and that before being located on a map they should be located in the soul. Borgo La Chiaracia − brimming over with its own energy and vitality − is just such a place! It is located where the regions of Lazio (or Latium), Umbria and Tuscany meet, in the heart of ancient Etruria. It stands on hills inhabited since the dawn of time, even before Rome. A uniqueness of history and more… The soil is volcanic, rich in an energy that has survived the ages and generations. It can therefore enduringly sustain all who visit or sojourn here.

Set in the Umbrian countryside, on the borderline between the Lazio (Latium) and Tuscany regions, Borgo La Chiaracia is a stunning location that concretely embodies a vision that emerged some years ago. The concept was a modern one − a retreat into an absolutely natural environment. A small ‘world apart’, where innovative concepts concerning the person – in himself/herself but also as a communicating being – seamlessly merge with the essence of the traditions and of a beautiful rural setting, in Umbria.

The architectural design solution throws a contemporary light on the essence of tradition. It blends in with the spirit of the place. From the very moment of their arrival, our guests are assured of a warm welcome. Tradition and modernity set each other off perfectly. The balance is visible throughout the facility, with the added value of innovative materials and an enhanced awareness of the benefits of energy-savings and of environmental sustainability. That said, nothing has been taken away from the charm of these old Umbrian farmhouses.

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Insider Tip

  • Borgo La Chiaracia is an environment that exudes warmth, luxury and intimacy, where guests can be sure that the services they receive are carefully tailored to their individual needs. Clients can host important events, celebrate special moments in their lives or quite simply have a beak, away from the pace of routine life.
  • Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA is an Umbrian location where our historical past and the comforts of modern technology blend, alongside fine cuisine and personal wellbeing. A unique venue for visitors and holidaymakers and even those engaged in working activities.
  • Borgo La Chiaracia is recommended by the Michelin Guide and the Touring Club Guide.