Canne Bianche

Italy / Torre Canne di Fasano

Where time stands still

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Canne Bianche

An authentic luxury haven in the heart of Puglia

Canne Bianche Lifestyle Hotel is a chic and stylish 5-star boutique hotel located just on the dunes along the Adriatic coast of Torre Canne, very close to the amazing Valle d’Itria which is famous worldwide for its historical and cultural heritage. With a beautiful sea view and an exclusive private access to the sea, it is the perfect place to indulge in a unique and unforgettable vacation.

In this corner of paradise, guests can indulge in blissful treatments at Aqua Spa and relax into unique wellness rituals. The Ristorante Timo cuisine, celebrates the spirit and flavours of Puglia culinary tradition through an earth-conscious offerings inspired by local products. Canne Bianche is a retreat far from the world allowing you to live and enjoy very special moments.

Take your time, live the best you can and relax in Puglia.

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Insider Tip

  • We want to make your stay memorable. Your stories and your experiences are the most important part of your journey.
    One of the reasons why we organize special evenings is for you to experience Puglia as natives getting to know customs and traditions of the region: live cooking, joining in with a characteristic dance.
  • When stillness is a pleasure. Proceed slowly, without haste, enjoy every moment, taking your precious time, and discover the beauty of a unique landscape, following the colours of the sky: the hall is one of the ideal places to relax, reflect, listen to the music and read.