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Ciasa Salares

Immersed in nature, the only luxury Gourmet Hotel in the heart of the Dolomites, with 3 restaurants to be discovered, the cheese room and the chocolate room.

Ciasa Salares is one of the most celebrated South Tyrol hotels. It prides itself in paying meticulous attention to details, preserving ancient local traditions, conveying respect for mountain culture and admiration for the magnificent surrounding Dolomites, declared World Heritage in 2009.
Run by the Wieser Family ever since its establishment in 1964, the hotel offers an astonishing four restaurants, all proposing diverse, luxurious sensorial journeys. Ranging from an alluring Bona Lüna Dine Bar to a sumptuous Nida Cheese and Nodla Chocolate Room, the Sorí Restaurant with the sun-kissed Infiní “Eat on Beat” Terrace and Cocun Cellar Restaurant with more than 2000 labels, this love for food culture is epitomised in the careful selection of the finest ingredients, aimed at offering a lavish, highly appreciated experience. Imagine a blend of familiarity and discovery, intimacy and surprise, a painstaking quest for organic and wholesome food: Ciasa Salares offers all this and more.
The hotel expanded over the years, albeit maintaining a delicate, warm atmosphere, employing locally sourced materials to embellish their splendid rooms, overlooking magnificent surroundings.
A family management guaranteeing the highest standards of service.
Our enthusiasm, passion and tireless research mean our guests are not merely welcome all year round, but become part of our history.

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Insider Tip

5 good reason to visit Ciasa Salares:

  1. The genuinely familiar atmosphere
  2. The smell of the local woods: pine, fir and larch
  3. The sun-kissed terrace overlooking the Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage
  4. The attentive service
  5. The superb cuisine & the extensive wine selection

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