Savoy Palace

Portugal / Funchal Madeira

A place to stay. A Palace to dream.

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Savoy Palace

Prominent in the Funchal skyline, it stands as an exclusive showcase for the absolute best Madeira has to offer.

Every hotel, resort or Savoy Signature experience is a commitment to quality. We put our name in everything we do especially because it is how people remember us from the start – the first and legendary Savoy, the very beginning of our century-old hospitality tradition. Savoy’s long lasting legacy offers a growing portfolio of unique hotels and resorts. Each one has its own distinctive value propositions, concepts and audiences where every experience re­flects our identity and our welcoming spirit.


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Insider Tip

  • We are as good as the memories our guests make with us. That is how we measure our performance. Share your experience with us or learn here how our guests made their memories in Savoy Palace.
  • Your leisure, our pleasure. This is our reason to be. To take inspiration from what Madeira has to offer and transform it into an indulgence for you. Your fun, your tranquility and the memories you make at the Palace are the real measure of our success.

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