Selman Marrakech

Morocco / Marrakech

An intimate palace symbol of Moroccan culture and elegance

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Selman Marrakech

Selman Marrakech: a palace with a unique, exquisite and char-ming feel nestled at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

Designed by Jacques Garcia and built by the finest craftsmen, Selman Marrakech has a captivating and timeless harmony. Emerging like a memory, it sparks our collective Orientalist imagination. All guests at this intimate and individual family property share in the joy, love and dreams of the impassioned and welcoming hosts. In this masterfully erected palace that is untouched by time, the art of Moroccan hospitality comes alive. A signature Moroccan palace, set in an oasis which time forgot. Precious moments enhanced by the presence of sublime tho-roughbred Arabs, which symbolise the majesty of a civilisation and form the heart and soul of Selman Marrakech, welcoming the joy of life. This essential and unparalleled experience takes you back to the source of a long-forgotten luxury, rediscovered under the starlight of the Selman Marrakech.

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Insider Tip

  • The much awaited rendezvous at Selman Marrakech to celebrate the magic of Ramadan in a haven of luxury
    where Moroccan art de vivre meets exclusivity and refinement.
  • Selman Marrakech is unlike any other luxury hotel. Visiting the stud farm allows our guests to meet the privately bred and privately-owned horses that have won various prizes in international competitions.
  • The Chenot Spa of Selman Marrakech offers treatments based on the principles of Biontology, as well as traditional spa treatments.