Taskonaklar Cappadocia Hotel

Turkey / Nevsehir

A dream boutique style cave hotel in Cappadocia.

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Taskonaklar Cappadocia Hotel

It all started as a dream for a home in the small historic town of Uchisar. Soon we realized that this home was going to be too beautiful to be enjoyed alone and that we should share it with friends and then open our doors to everyone.

Taskonaklar Hotel is a charming luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the enchanting and historic region of Cappadocia, Turkey located high up in Uchisar. Taskonaklar, with stunning views of the awe-inspiring scenery is home to just 24 rooms and suites carved into historical volcanic formations, all featuring unique, individual decor.

The beautifully appointed and unique rooms are meticulously renovated from local stone, or converted from caves by local craftsmen who preserved all the original and historic features. Intricate stone work and custom furniture create the foundation of each room while luxurious bedding and traditional decor give it flare. Whether you choose a deluxe room or a Royal Suite complete with a hot tub on your private terrace, you will be in awe of all the carefully constructed details in every corner. Even the cave bathrooms are all different but each is an architectural masterpiece.

Guests are given personal, one to one attention and are offered facilities and services discerning travelers have the right to expect from a quality hotel.

Rooms are equipped with their own wifi, tv, air conditioning, coffee maker, and fun goodies like loofas, slippers, scrumptious-smelling soaps and lotions, and wine in the mini bar.

Some rooms offer fireplaces and several categories have their own private patio area, some more grandiose than others but all offering fantastic views and comfortable seating.

Begin each day of your stay at dawn – sit on the lovely garden terrace or your private terrace overlooking Pigeon Valley and soak in the sunrise while hot air balloons lazily float by. Then head to the dining room for a mouth-watering Turkish breakfast with variety of breads, cheeses, jams, and traditional Turkish eggs with sausage. After an adventurous day exploring the underground cities, head back to this beautiful property and enjoy a glass of wine on your private balcony as the sky bathes the valley below in pink hues.

Your cave room at Taskonaklar is your own little slice of paradise in Cappadocia. While out sightseeing around the city, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about tucking into your heavenly bed for an afternoon nap.

The cave hotel encompasses thousands of years of heritage, architectural expertise, and outstanding craftsmanship. Each room maintains its individuality through faithful restoration whilst every comfort is addressed perfectly. Each room is carved from the volcanic rock, and each is adorned with wonderful antiques ensuring the upmost originality.

As intriguing as each room is, the natural scenery outside cannot be forgotten and it offers a myriad of breathtaking views and potential excursions. Amble down into Pigeon Valley, peruse the ancient Cappadocian drawings in the dovecotes or head to the water springs. The cuisine is traditionally Turkish, and samples some of the best local produce. The private terraces and the lush gardens of Taskonaklar are the perfect places to indulge in an evening glass of wine whilst taking in the spectacular views and sunsets. The impeccable service, homely rooms and surrounding lush greenery encourage tranquillity, serenity and complete relaxation at this welcoming, intimate hotel.

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Insider Tip

  •  All our guests at Taşkonaklar Hotel, Cappadocia are welcomed as if they are friends in our home.
  • The heritage of thousands years old civilisations, the expertise of our architects and the delicate craftsmanship of the workers combined with our enthusiasm to create this beautiful boutique style cave hotel in Cappadocia.
  • Every stone, every arch, every old chimney was preserved while Taskonaklar was brought to life. That’s why not one room is similar to another and each room has its own character, where simplicity is blended with comfort.

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